Party Tips

An Introvert’s Guide to Attending Parties

Being an introvert is hard, and attending a party is even harder. Whenever introverts, like me, hear about a party held in a few days, the anticipation is always broken into 2 parts, excitement, and intimidation. So, what should you do?

Here are a few nice tips that will help you ease yourself out before, during and after a party. Extroverts can also read this, just to get an understanding of how to interact and talk to introverts like us. After all, everyone should have a great time at a party, right?

Tip # 1: Don’t overthink:

This is probably the most annoying things introverts do and have to bear doing. Take a good long rest before the party, make yourself relaxed, and don’t think of how you’ll spend the party and who you’ll spend it with. Remember, only time will tell what’ll happen.

Tip # 2: Be true to yourself:

In other words, don’t do something you aren’t comfortable with. Don’t like the guy sitting on the table, don’t go talk to him. Simply, avoid placing pressure on your own self, and don’t force topics you can’t bear. Just be authentic.

Tip # 3: Find something to keep you busy:

If you don’t want to just stand around and talk to everybody, you can always volunteer! Go to the party’s host and offer some help. It can be anything from filling drinks to serving dishes. It not only keeps you busy, but will also increase your social skills and will help you bond with other attendees.

Tip # 4: Bring an extrovert:

You have a friend that is extremely chatty? Bring him/her with you! They will not only lighten your mood, but will also make you feel company. Not only that, they can also pull you out of your secret comfort zone, and that’s great because parties are the best way to interact with new people and make new friends!